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About Coedcanlas

About Coedcanlas

The people

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One of the outbuildings undergoing conversion


A new green oak roof inside the same building


The view of the Cleddau from Coedcanlas looking down Beggars Reach to Jenkins Point

During the middle ages, Coedcanlas was a manor within the Lordship of Carew.   The land was given to a John Percival in 1363 as a knight's fee from Sir John de Carew of Carew Castle.   Though it is unlikely that the house itself dates from that time, it was clearly a first floor hall house of high status.  The size of the building, the quality of the remaining stone mullion windows and other features, and the clear remains of a large formal garden to the south are evidence of this. 

In 1811 the house was altered and became a farmhouse, owned by the Owens of Orielton.   It remained as a farmhouse until the late 1980s, since when it has stood empty.

During its chequered history, the Coedcanlas was purported to have been a muster point for troops going to fight at Bosworth in support of Henry VII.  In the early 20th Century the farm was owned by the Thomas family, the maternal grandparents of the jockey and novelist Dick Francis, and he was born and learned to ride here.

Some of the outbuildings surrounding the farmhouse have lately been converted to dwellings.  These conversions are still ongoing and it is hoped to eventually renovate the house itself and return it to something of its former status.  This is an long term project which will include the walled garden at the centre of the site. 

The people who now live at Coedcanlas, whilst wishing to maintain its unique and remote quality, are also committed to seeing the site become productive.  Hence the establishment of Coedcanlas Enterprises in order that we can live and work here and contribute to its environmental sustainability.  As the buildings are restored it is hoped to extend the services we offer, so please watch this website.